The Aston Defibrillator Fund

We are delighted to share the news of our recent donation to The Aston Defibrillator Fund. A charity in Farnham promoting the use of defibrillators and increasing the number of the these life-saving machines in the local area.

The charity was set up in 2019, in memory of Keith Aston Keith was a tireless campaigner for teaching CPR techniques and raising awareness of the vital role community defibrillators can play in a successful resuscitation.

We met representatives from the charity at a function earlier on this year. The charity’s work chimed with a number in our team, including Tally and James, both of whom are Heart Start trainers via their long-standing involvement with the Army Cadets.

The benefit of increased numbers of defibrillators was borne out just a fortnight ago when one was used to re-start the heart of an 80 year old man who collapsed at a Newcastle United football match. Thankfully he is on the way back to making a complete recovery. Early intervention is the key to a happy outcome.

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