Application Packaging & Build Management 

There are many advantages for a customer in having a standard build image. We create Gold Images, updated regularly with patches, so that equipment is always up to date.

The Application Packaging and Build Management Team provides efficiencies and robustness in the roll out and updating of all software applications. Thus a customer benefits from a stable and secure user environment and in the event of a failure, there will be an agreed recent ‘Gold Image’ template to enable a quick re-build, with minimal disruption.


We work on build and deployment projects ranging from a handful of few users, through to over 2,000 as is the case with a current Office 365 project for a customer. 


Our Quality Management System means our approach to build management, packaging, testing and roll out is the same irrespective of project size.

At the start of each project we understand from the customer what the build needs to look like. Some applications will be on every device/machine and some only on certain devices. There will be a separate build for each scenario.

The build is tested in development, and then a pilot user environment and any issues identified and fixed. Testing includes conformance against customer-specific I.T. policies such as  screen savers and time-out before login. Once we are sure the build cannot be broken, it will be prepared for deployment across each machine relevant to that particular build.

The final template pre-deployment, the Gold Image, becomes the template for a virtual desktop and is signed off by the customer. It is the template to revert back to in the event of a machine/device failure.

Directors and business owner have peace of mind that their staff’s I.T. is up to date and protected.

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